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  Company on April 1, 2007 was established in Dongguan, Guangdong Province town of Mold Changan , enterprises since its inception , courtesy of support and attention from various customers and vendors , and their persistent pursuit of solidarity of all employees and continue to break ahead determination , after years of unremitting efforts, has been set for the development of precision molds, double injection mold , die phones , gear molds, mold connector , Makino high speed CNC machining , other molds , plastic mold design, development , production, and production in one a certain strength of mold manufacturing and molding integra......[MORE]  

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The overall effectiveness of th

  Recalling the development of precision molds industry these past few years, a good overall...[MORE]


      Service concept: continue to provide high-quality precision molds, double injection mold, die phones, gear molds, mold connector, Makino high speed CNC, plastic mold products, continued to exceed customer expectations of service, so customers always care partners.......  [MORE]

    Name:Mr. Jiang
    Address:Changan Town, Dongguan, Guangdong Sand Yucheng Road 209 #